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Here you will find interesting and useful Addins for SQL Server Management Studio 2005 and 2008.
Get tips and tricks how to develop new Addins although this is not officially supported by Microsoft and you won't find any good documentation.
To run one of the addins you must have SQL Server Management Studio (Express) installed.

SQL Formatter Add-In for SSMS

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Addin: DataScripter

This Addin for SQL Server Management Studio 2008 allows you to generate INSERT statements for all values of a table easily. Just select Script Data as from the context menu of the table and choose one of the options
  • INSERT: Insert statements without column names are generated
  • INSERT with column names: should by obvious ;-)

Download for SSMS 2008: SSMS 2008 Addin - Data Scripter

Addin: QuickFind

QuickFind allows you to find Stored Procedures, Functions, Views and Tables by their name and automatically browse to the position in ObjectExplorer.

Download for SSMS 2008: SSMS 2008 Addin - QuickFind

Addin: ObjectFinder

ObjectFinder will perform a fulltext search over your Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers. You can easily find a object that contains a string (e.g. a table name is referenced in a stored procedure) and open it's definition.

Download for SSMS 2008: SSMS 2008 Addin - Object Finder 1.0.1
Download for SSMS 2005: SSMS 2005 Addin - Object Finder 1.0.1

Addin: Fulltext Manager for SQL Express

This Addin for SQL Server Management Studio allows you to manage your fulltext catalogs easily. It even works for SQL Server Express editions, so now you can use a nice GUI instead of unhandy SQL commands.

If you missed the Storage node in your Object Explorer, you can now use this addin!

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Your Addin
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